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Intellectuality is not dead...

Thank you for reassuring me to this effect. It is rather encouraging to be reminded that Newgrouds maintains an enclave of intellectual elites, regardless of how incohesive this community might be.

Da-Dinictus responds:

Heh, thanks.
Certainly beats the mindless drivel of most of the preteen users that seem to come here most of the time. Not to insult those that do think soundly, of course =)

[Insert Title Here]

I stumbled apon this movie by chance one night at 11pm while looking for movies to score just to get the experiance. Your movie... I don't know how to describe it. The meaning of life; such an amazing topic. Your movie's made me think. Of course I have a take on the meaning of life, and it is much like yours. It's interesting to be able to see other peoples thoughts spred out like that. I really must thank you for making this movie. Whenever I try to have an intellectual conversation with one of my friends they somehow manage to ruin all the intellect. To put it simply:
Your movie moved me.


That was poetic... then crazy at the last few seconds...

Ah the meaning of life. Such an interesting veiw. I really like your idea, even if it isn't exactly the same as mine.

This was a well made flash movie even without the ability of a convenient replay. Good job


A nice view on what life could be... The animation was alright, but I know it must've been tought to add animation to a 13.5 minute movie. The sound, although it was from the standard mic (haha, nothin' personal) was audible and got the point through. Alrthough it is something different, I am not sure if everyone will be able to appreciate this - although condensing your philosophy of life into 13.5 minutes is good, not everyone will think so. You wouldn't want them to fall asleep during your thoughts, do you? Anyways, not to ramble on myself, a decent piece of art and an insightful view of life - a must-see for the thinker; those looking for a quick shot of fun look elsewhere.

Da-Dinictus responds:

Like I said before, the ending is wacky enough to be considered a little extra for the patient. And besides, it weeds out the people who are patient and might want to share their views from the blam-happy kiddies and the talentless hacks who couldn't think of the prospect of this movie themselves.

Thanks for the review =)

good good

its good...good movie there make more

Da-Dinictus responds:

I try, I try, but damnit, college blows majorly >_<