Reviews for ""R""


1.The people Who voted low on these movies are just to uneducated to understand the true essance of this movie.

2.For a 17 year old you must be a freakin genus to spend so much time on this And to mowk so hard.

3.When the lights fell It scared the hell out of me.

4. btw i'm only 13 But I understood every single word in this epic flash!

Da-Dinictus responds:

1. No need to summerize like this, mate ^_^ But I suppose you're right. Then again, people are free to express their oppinions, and there are always people that don't like it. Or people with a bad mood.

2. I'm not a freaking genius. I'm FUCKING MAD!

3. What...? When Ridley swooped down? Pshaw... Don't watch horror movies =P

4. Great. It would've been better if you shared your views with us all, but ow well... Thanks for the review.

That was a nice flash...

First off, i'd like to say your flash is one of a kind in the flash community. What is your job? Are you a theologist? Anyways, many of the things are true but i'd like to say some of my theories. When i think about life and all that we've done, I find we are very destructive, and that we would soon be extinct. Then again, that theory has been said many times and we still aren't gone, my guess is that although life becomes more complex and harder... we get used to it. I'd prefer going back and being a niave child any day, knowledge just leads to more questions which is why i believe teenagers (like myself) are depressed quite often. Do you think you'd prefer the life of a child that doesn't know better? I know my Religion teacher (i live in a Catholic school) sheds some good light, but it isn't enough. I don't know if i want to know more, or know less. My life isn't messed up or anything, but i do freak out when i'm confused. I fear knowing more would lead to more confusion. Do you have any advice?

Anyways here's a different question, are you a fan of metroid games? Do you know there making a Metroid Prime 2? I'm not 100% shure but i THINK there has been an anouncement of a Metroid movie being made.

Well... Hope you make more flashes like this, I enjoyed watching.

Da-Dinictus responds:

I'm ahead of that. Check GameFAQs, for instance. There's a board for MP2 already.

Your ideas on knowledge are most true, I can fully understand that. I wish, at times, to just lock myself up and away from all the things in solitude. Meditation is for me a way to just relax and forget about all this madness we call 'everyday life'.

As for your little dillema, I doubt whatever you'll learn will cause alot of confusion. Your brain'll soak it up, don't you worry. And if it all does become too much to bear, ask if you could be excused, relax a bit away from it, and back home, relax through whatever way you deem fit. Be it playing a game, praying to your gods, or in pure silence in meditation, that's up to you.

Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed "R".

Now thats alot of smarts!

This has to be the most intelligant thing I have ever seen, but still it leaves me questioning my priorties in life. I say this because due the cruel harsh nature of my fellow classmates that were with me since kindagarten...I was driven insane. Just to today I cried on the count of how misrable I am, even though the storm has cleared quite a bit since the beginning of high school, those nightmaresh memorys still haunt me...thus I ask just you did in this webeisode "why?" Why do i have to suffer so dearly, I have even lost the desire for love, in which makes me what I call "nomosexual" hence means I am not interest in being straight or gay. It's like my goals in life seem but to be routine:Graduate high school and college, get a job for so many years and than retire, thus finally die. As you can see I did not mention love or friends because as I can already tell, I'm not going to get have those two things. But I have noticed that some difference that I have made had helped a fellow person to see life is worth it, but why can't I do it my self...it's all just inedable that I remain as that one guy that weirds people out and takes up space for a lifetime. But I diegress, good job on your webisode and keep up the good work.

Da-Dinictus responds:

It's quite alright. I, myself, was tormented in my past, and am still considered as 'that weird bastard'. However, I have friends that do look past the simple veil of my shell to protect myself from 'bad people'. Low and behold - I am not a bad guy... and actually a good friend.

I can hardly speak for you, when you ask me 'why?'... Your answers can only be given by yourself. It's... a shame to have those memories still haunt you, I have a nasty tic to sometimes slip in those thoughts, myself, but I cope. And surely, I doubt you have no friends at all. Even on the Internet, you can have someone to confide in, have a shoulder to cry out on, or to share with him or her some thoughts and secrets.

Thanks for the review. Like I said, I believe in hope for the better of us all. That includes you too, my friend.

a kick ass movie best ive seen

in this flash movie u put the facts of.......... life.........clearly so clearly even i could understand them ha it was funny and the ending u dont see coming ha one of the best ive seen agen i say i tip my hat to you Da_Dinictus for all of your hard work and the many flash movies you have been in i hope to see many more like this FUNNY AS HELL well i hope you live a full and helthey life to the exstent of all your strengh
the SA supports your not in funding but in votes to keep all of your movies on newgrounds so agen i leave you with some words to ponder with Da_Dinictus(eye of a dark sea consumes all that is light..evil....good...only power they say only a blacked heart will see it all)

Da-Dinictus responds:

Peculiar quote...

Thanks for backing me up, you guys ^_^ Glad you enjoyed "R".

life is an eternal moment of choosing

"R" is wonderfull, quite the most interesting thing I have heard in ages.
My take, is as follows.

Life, as we know it, is not absolute reality. At least it is no more than 1% of the 'all that there is'
Everything that has ever happened or is ever going to happen, has already occured.

This is because 'time' does not carry us along as would a boat on a river. Time is a stactic field which our live move through.

In that respect, our senses fool us, deceive us so that we have a sense of logical progression through life. This progression we refer to as, 'the passing of time' although that is not literally accurate, if feels true to most of us.

Where then lies freedom of choice?
Where is there room for self-determination?

The answer is, it is with us at every moment..

Every day we make choices as to who and what we are and we experience the way those choices affect the world around us.

What we choose an the way we percieve those choices, actually creates our reality.

This is sometimes referred to as; "The Observer Affect."

Put clearly, I can tell you that the way you percieve a thing, alters a thing.

No matter what happens to us, we are the creators of our own experience.

Example: A young man is involved in a bad accident and wakes up in hospital with his limbs in plaster. His choice? He could say, "oh dear God, why did this have to happen? My life is ruined." Or, instead he could say,
"Thank the Lord, i'm alive, I could have been killed."
In this instance, that accident victim has chosen how to experience that has befallen him.

Does philosophy have a place in our realilty? Or is it a purely self-indulgent exercise in intellectualism?

Well, I say, lets put it to the test.

Lets say that you wish you had more money, as so many of us do. You could say 'I want lots more money", if you do, the universe will simply agree, "Yes, you do want more money." And that is all you have created.

But phrase your desire another way, 'I WILL make more money' and the reply becomes, "Yes, you will make more money.'"
The difference is that you are choosing to influence your own outcome. (or income, in this instance.)

To put this in practice, simply write down that which you most desire, 15 times a day. By all means be as cynical as you like, but make sure you that do nonetheless write your statement out, every day, and be sure to phrase it in such terms as, 'I will' or 'I am'" for your desired affect.

A brief word of warning, the only way the Universe knows how to work is to give you what you choose. So heed the wisdome of the words, 'be carefull what you wish for, you just might get it."

In my most recent job I wrote out every day "I will be no.1 for Sales in my department." After six weeks I achieved that, I went from bottom (and in danger of being fired) to the very top, where I stay by stating, "I am no.1 for in Sales in my dept."

To conclude, I am saying that everything is occuring all at once, but by unlocking our own individual power, we can influence the outcome. In fact we do, all the time, the difference is do you want to choose consciously, or unconsciously?

In that respect, life itself is a contradiction in terms, everything that is to occur has already occured, yet we can nonetheless, still alter the outcome through the choices we make.

Friends, I say to you, create your own experience and allow others to do the same.

As for you, Da Dinictus, I say that you are wise.

By choosing hope as your core philosophy, I know will always experience it, no matter what occurs in your life.

Hope stems from love and love is by far the best choice any of us can make.

Da-Dinictus responds:

You've excellently put how a static view upon the Universe can still be as flexable as another's view on how non-static it and Time can be. Though I doubt that you've become the numero Uno in Sales at your job by simply stating you will become so, I do believe that you then also force yourself to work harder, better, and to achieve more than you do now.
And, judging the outcome of that tale, it had its wished effect.

I thank you for your review. Sharing views and reading them is so nice in these dreary days of late ^_^