Reviews for ""R""

Thinking is unhealthy you know

Sure I get all that stuff and ponder it from time to time, but I just started getting bored after a while (although it is late). It's a great piece of work, but it just never seemed to stop, I almost found myself closing it, but I'm glad I didnt cause of the funky little thing at the end. Keep it up.
(Oh yeah, those credits were some of the coolest I've seen sofar on newgrounds :P)

Da-Dinictus responds:

A little extra for the patient, so to speak. Glad you enjoyed "R".


This will probably the only flash NG will ever have that has this lever of inteligence within its words. I greatly admire your view of life and the effort put into making this flash.


....youre 1337 DUDE ! Y4 R0X0RZ !

Now that was a speech. I liked it.

I've been thinking about the same thing for the longest time. What is the point of life? I loved everything that was said. It also made a lot of sense. Thank you for putting something on here that made me think and had meaning. Great movie.
- Jewlee

Great stuff, made me think.

I am Glad this has not been booed and balmmed of, I was under the impression that Ng was made up of thugs who have no need for intellectuallity, and would say "lmao, n00b, NG isnt for dis, it is 4 teh l337 funny stuff moohuhhaa".

Anywho, on to my veiw of life. Yours is very good, and had me thinking, "we didnt understand thunder, we invent thor, the god of thunder" So true, yet I do believe in GOD, being a chrisitan and all.
I say I gotta simply have faith, cos if there was no after life, how boring would it be? And how sad, nothing after, the great void? Lets fucking hope not.

I believe we are here simply as a test, Heaven is like a job, you need to be the best to get there, and the only way to be with the ranks of St.peter is to work your ass of down here, like a test, take the test and do it well or your gonna work in the shittiest place ever, hell.

So yah, to me life is gods big test to see if you have wot it takes.
Anywho, GREAT MOVIE MAN, really made me think, hope you reply to this, and so I can see wot u think of my views.

Da-Dinictus responds:

That's a nice view there, to live to the best of your capabilities for a possible afterlife beyond. Faith is a beautifull thing, I believe. Man gains his strength and wisdom from it if they aren't too closed-minded.

Glad you enjoyed "R" as well. Thanks for the review.