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Wonderful! :D

You feel hopeless, you try to help, yet there is nothing you can do. You give and you give, and all is taken, never to be given back. Never to be spoke of again, asinine excuses, with no thought used to create them. You cheat, and steal your way through life, although there are some people out there, who are different, there are very few, who are very hard to find. With enough revere you sought to think that maybe, just maybe, you can make a difference. Your told all the time, first-rate impressions will reimburse you, and good conduct, will also benefit you in the future. Sadly though, it isn’t the truth and it is far from it. No matter how much you help someone, nothing will ever be returned. Maybe a little here or there, but no, it won’t. Today’s society has no respect, and no morals, and to many things to do, to much anticipation for the days events then to be concerned about assisting you with anything. Were to preoccupied with thoughts of what to do next, situation after situation… but why, why do we try so hard, to fit in, to belong, to resort to this magical playground we call life… and some hell… why are some more misfortunate than others, why do some people, who although they don’t deserve any of it, are treated with more quality then you, or your friend, or your neighbour who used to live 3 doors down? Why bother to survive, or realise what the true meaning is… embrace life, live quickly, die with excitement.

Da-Dinictus responds:

Ah, those final words... Truthfull to their fullest extend. We mortals must strive for the best though, we were given intelligence not to just go for the best of merely the individual. We'd just be destructive ego-centrical animals. But, then again, perhaps we just are.
Thank you for your review. Yet another view upon live to enjoy reading, and to contemplate upon.

*Two Thumbs Up*

No comment.............Good Movie

Jesus christ man......

YO this flash man....was crazy....im usually not into this kinda thing but the cat dude is right it gets you thinkin bout how shitty n short life really is...damn them clock crew geniuses...now i feel so.....insignificant.....lol

-R E P T A - X

Da-Dinictus responds:

Bow down before the glory of B! ^_^
Thanks for those kind words, Repta. Glad you enjoyed "R". Watched the other great Clock Day contributions yet?


Thoughts along this line have crossed my mind in the past, but I have never quite spoken them so... eloquently. I applaud you, and hope that you will continue to put your thoughts to flash, for better or worse.

Confucious Was no Butterfly!

Hey, great work Da_Dinctus it was a very deep flash, I know where you're coming from, and I've even heard almost every saying you used before. Keep up the good work.