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A nice crash course...

...in metaphysics and epistemology.
Before you ask who,how and why I am you have to ask it about the universe. It has to have some effect on us, as we in turn affect it. Without knowing about someething that, in part, governs the self we will never know what the self actually is.

Nice philosophy really, but you seem like a smart guy so i suggest you read some of Hegel's work in phenomenology. That stuff is a real mind-fuck.


Superb !

Just.... one of the best! Congratullations.


I for one, as a psychology student, think your flash is SUPERB, straight 10 for you dude


Your views are true,dinictus,but i think differently. As I think, we exist because it is to fill the purpose of balance. But as my views are mine and yours same, there is no true answer. Existince cannot be explained. Only at the final hour will the purpose of our existence be revealed. This is my view on the matter. But as I say, light and dark, there is no difference. Good job on the flash.

-The gatekeeper1

The answer is: There is no answer.

The perception that 'the question' must have an answer, that there must be a meaning to it all, seems to be a quirk of the human psyche. Of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of interesting things to learn in the process of searching.