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*UPDATE: everybody wanted subtitles, so you've got em. I haven't proof checked them yet, so if you see any errors please leave comments, or AIM me (mindlesspuppet).

*UPDATE (YES another what, this makes like 5 in one day), I fixed the screeching audio problem. And audio is just all around better quality.

After watching Foamy fanmail, I decided to make a parody of it. However I was not even going to attempt to do Foamy's voice. So instead I used iwillpress himself... aww, isn't he cute....

Anyhow, everything was made from scratch, right down to the lil skulls in the preloader. So nothing was copied.

The "Of Doom" thing, is something I decided to use from Funktasic's "Neurotically Whored" (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=100035). The cookies, and a painting in the background are two more references to Neurotically Whored as well.

Anyhow, if you aren't familiar with Neurotically Yours this will make little to no sense to you. If you are a psychopathic fan of NY, please at least watch this first before voting. (Part Of The Ironically Yours series)

*On a quick side note, there was BG music, but since it really only added to file size I removed it.

*UPDATE: Preloader works properly


This was almost good.

Well, besides keeping it authentic, your voice should need improving.

i would suggest subtitles.

As for the fan mail, some were long, so much, that i couldnt concentrate where this guy was goin with a particular fan mail.

U could have made it shorter.

the foamy character can read long letters faster, coz it can speak fast. on other hand, illwillpress character reads slowly, so u should have made the fan mails much shorter.

These are just suggestions, coz i want u to make another one, better improved.

so good luck.

WM [:{}]

mindlesspuppet responds:

Yeah, I know it got pretty long... haha, I had to watch the thing like 30 times. I suppose I could have split it into two seperate movies. As towards the voice thing, yeah, you're right, doing that voice killed my throat so kind of went weak at times.

Dear Mr. illwillpress

Mr Lord Of Doom, I'd really like to see more of those faces on thoses asses...

HOWEVER! I Hate you... But it wuz great!

- Lord Clock Killer

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Ha! God, I hate illwillpress.

He's ten times as bad as Andrew Dickman. And I hate Andrew Dickman. (Maker of Rockman Neo.) This was well-made and funny! Good job!


The movie is good at first... and then, it got a bit milked out too much. My attention span got the best of me I suppose.

mindlesspuppet responds:

Yeah, it did get rather long. I just wanted to make sure that most points were touched upon... It didn't seem so long when I started putting it together, but after watching it so many times, I began to realize it is lengthy.


The graphics are good, in fact, graet, but your voice and the fan-mail was AWFUL! Don't get me wrong, a lot of time was put into this, but it moved itself along really slowly and was quite dull.

mindlesspuppet responds:

I tried to base most the fanmail off reviews that I've read. As for it being quite dull... yeah, this is true, but considering what it's a parody of, I couldn't really add ninjas doing kung-fu flips or anything.

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Jun 16, 2003
12:44 PM EDT
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