Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

Dear IllWillPress Parody maker....these members

of NG.c*m should be buirned alive and made to watch their favorite author scratching his bare ass while he turns out cartoon after cartoon to make himself more popular.:)

Gamereaper: If this cartoon was retarded, then I guess that makes you retarded for even watching it. Thanks for the comment....the guy that thinks you review on a 2nd grade level....me.

Notwithoutmyanus: I guess since you like watching Pokemon so much, then that would put you on a level somewhat par with that of Mr Gamereaper up there. Lolz. Oh, and only closet Mary homophobes call stuff gay, ya' fucktard.:)

Temptress_Lee: She says that "Omg! this was the stupidest peice of crap i've ever seen. If your going to make fun of such a talented cartoon like the ones that illwillpress makes, maybe you should make it less boring, and slow.

I got tired of watching half way through and just turned it off.

-I would assume from your writings, Mrs. Temptress, that you are a professional in the study of crap. That, I guess, would make you a scat mongering crap watcher.:) I also think that your mind is so slow that you only want the cartoon made slower & more repetative so that people such as yourself can understand it...

Lastly, I would guess that having such a weak mind makes one get tired easily, hmm?:)

Xithion &Foamy_follower5: If you would both get off of your high chair thrones and stop playing god for awhile, you would see that you both seem to have youir heads irrevocably lodged up IllWill's ass. The only reason Mr Bonamino studied IllWill's work in detail before he moccked it was so he would sound like he knew what he was talking about.....unlike the two of you, who seem to be stuck on the lame arse gay joke bandwagon that most cool people have left behind. Oh well.....we can't all be cool, now can we?:)

Airmann: You are also very funny, as you act like you are the only one who can interpret the NG rules properly. Personal Attack: Stuff like posting personal info, death threats, etc. Where were you when brains & commone sense were handed out.....Woodstock?!?:)

I would rant some more, but there is more stuff to review. Good work Mr. Bonamino, and stay safe from the many pit-ched forks of doom!:)

P.S. I like Fomay and the cartoons, and I occasionally review them, but even I can see that IllWill will never post a reply to his "Fan's" reviews.....and is probably only posting here to get site hits.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
There is always someone dumber than you. That's why we mock people as being such.....because they just are, and they are out there. Ahhhhhhh!:)

*eye twitch*

I'm sorry if you said to watch the whole thing but I found it difficult to do just that. I am so tired of seeing these poor attempts to mock illwillpress that has a 'lower' quality and 'lower' voice impressions. If you want to mock someone, do it in the same way they do for graphics but with different dialouge! You're only going to hear "wow you're lame" or "stop being crappy at life" from fans because they fail to see how you're any better than the flash you've created to mock with! And 'if' you are indeed good and you use that against them, you should have included your skills in that flash and/or say that it was to mock him in your comment box. So, don't do it again, spare yourself embarrassement cause you're a pretty cool guy, and have a better script prepared the next time.



this is what ive been looking for. it was funny but kind of cruel because youre attacing a real person. but it was funny and it was more original than the other foamy hate crap. i like foamy and i agree that illwillpress is kind of selling out but i guess thats what ALL people do best.


"Personal attacks towards other Flash authors will result in deletion."

You did read the rules before you submitted this, didn't you?

BTW, why does IllWillPress's voice sound like that of Bo! Selecta!'s impersonation of Maralyn Manson?


A very funny look into illwillpress indeed. Ive seen this movie about 5 times and I still laugh my head off. Im glad more people are making anti neurotically yours movies, it has got to be the most overrated cartoon on this website. Whats so funny about a squirrel who moves from one side to another bitching about matters we couldnt care less about. Dont worry about these retarded reviewers who give your movie a low score because its trashing illwillpress (not foamy, foamy_follower5). Kepp up the good work