Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

It was OKAY...

His voice was ridiculously slow and annoying, it made me want to reach through the computer and whack you. However, it was still kind of funny. WAYYYYYY TOO LONG THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

this was some good shit man, very funny

Ok, 1st of all i just read KoRnIsKuLs' review and i really think he is about as smart as a nail considering that the guy who plays foamy can talk as slow as he wants, but all he does (dumbass) is speed up everything if u didnt catch that.

Now keep in mind ppl u have to read KoRnIsKuLs' review in order to understand wat i was saying.

P.S. this was good and i liked the ending joke the most.

Oh and to any asshole who decides to try to make fun of my review, just to make u feel better about urself, can suck the under side of a dying mules nuts cause i can give a shit wat your unbeleivablly retarded ass has to say considering that all your dialougue will most likely be useless and completely retarded and u most likely will never acually make a point

that was pretty good

I liked it

This needed to be...

If ever an idea became a mockery of itself and was now begging for a parody, it would be The NYSeries. I thoroughly enjoye your jabs at Illwills' characters and the aspects of his series which were truly asking for it. Good work, and please continue.
On a side note; it pleases me to see the bad reviews your flash has gotten so far. Their content mostly consists of fairly juvenile diatribe and hurt feelings instead of any serious arguments against the quality of your work. I've only found three reviews so far that were both negative and intelligently constructed. A testament, I'd think, to the points made in a simple parody of their precious icon. I'd love to list some of the outright comical hero-worship nonsense some reviewers are crying about as they burn you, but it's now considered abusive. Oh well, vindication, it would seem, while you wait.


wow i got a good nights sleep during that one, not only was it completly stupid & NOT FUNNY but it took forever. if you have to make things that long why don't you give ppl something good to see at least one laugh out of it would have been great but i couldn't even get that. I honestly think that this was just a pure jealouse rage over the fact that illwill has a succesful series, and all you can come up with is pure crap like this .I can't figure out why you put a replay button at the end of this who in thier right mind would want to have to sit through all that again. you did get one thing right though there is a "guy who writes to much" to bad it's you.

BY THE WAY I CAN SPELL NEUROTICALLY and i watch the foamy toons over and over (useing the replay button)