Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

Lame attempt at trashing foamy...

I'm sorry I couldn't finish watching this either! For one the old dead dude or whatever your character is supposed to be sounds half retarded like his brain runs about 1/10th as fast as normal peoples. Secondly, why try making fun of an obviously successful & hilarious series. You are just jealous of Foamy's greatness! And like Xithion said, if you hate them so much why is your knowledge of the episodes as large as it is? Yah, that's right. Stop trying. You lose. Foamy wins!


wow i almost fell asleep watching that. dude at least foamy is funny your just sad


He talked way to slow. I honestly couldn't make it past the first letter. And speaking of which, he did do something about it, he removed those earlier movies because he's moved beyond them now.


the freak talked WAY too long. plus i kept forgetting about that disturbing picture on ht eleft, causing me to continually look at it by accident, and therefor causing me to scare my self at least 50 times.

i don't... think SO!

maaaaaaan that was booooooring!
His talking could be compared to the movements in the matrix (lllliiiikkkkeeee thhhhiiiisss)
plz don't make any more crappy ass foamy spoofs, you'll only depress yourself.
signed your lords and mastersssss
majestic 12