Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

It was great.......

.........for the first 30 seconds or so.... it just DRAGGED ON AND ON AND ON AND ON for what seemed like forever.

I don't know if it was a "smart" way to parody how "foamy was cool for 30 seconds" (in your opinion) by doing the same in your movie (ie make your movie cool for 30 seconds).

Anyway the movie was 2/3 minutes too long, and a better script towards the end wouldn't have hurt either.


It was really good. I hand it to ya. I give ya props. Nicely done. I hope to see more from you!


i actually have never seen one of these, so i thought this was funny. i happen to also be a huge fan if illwillpress. it did drone one though. just to clear up a possible missunderstanding, the definition of copying isnt copying and pasting. see before computers came along if you made something look like something someone else dide that was copying, so yeah techinically the whole idea for this movie was stolen, you have no excuse...BUT free speech is half the point of this website in the first place, and what better way to demonstrate free speech but parodies.


Ahem-that was sad...it wasn't all that funny nor creative. If this wasn't supposed to be insulting it was just stupid. If was supposed to be insulting it was mind-numbing. Besides why do you people care so much about goths anyway?

All they do is worship satan and fuck dead people.

mindlesspuppet responds:

hmm... was really making any references to goths in general, just illwillpress... I guess you aren't very familiar with him.


Stop making these damn movies. All you do is draw a stupid character, background, and then you talk about USELESS crap for 5 minutes. Only retards can believe the stuff you say are actually funny. They are seriously disturbing.