Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

Not 2 bad actually

I thought it was going 2 totally and completely suck. but the worst of it was......marilyn manson??? on the wall w/ a midair cock. and the porno of germaine.............are you one of the pervz that wantz her naked?

got bored

Honestly I have to admit some of illwillpress jokes can be a bit redundant but give the guy credit for what he does. You shouldn't waste your time making fun of him. If you don't like him don't watch his cartoons it's that simple....don't even know why i'm wasting my time writing this, you probably won't listen. And probably will continue to make rants about people like illwillpress. Anyways. Your movie was too long....he talks way too slow...Anyways I got bored watching it and had to stop. I give this a complete 1 and that's only for the effort. Sorry. You should realize he probably does have more of a life then just animating. Get your facts straight before you down someone.

not too bad

Now ive seen plenty of foamy parodys, but never one quite like this. being as it poked fun at the creator, not the created, that was a bonus, but not enough to boost its rating. i am sorry, but i give it a 4

there is a lot of hate in this portal...

...um....but anyway...who gives a fuck....it's still good and it is funny, if a little long winded...but wow the anger that seethes through in replies, anyone would think these things actually matter to life.


one question: why is it so slow ?