Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

ooo new loader

i really like these paroldies,do sum more so sum more
dont listen to these others that moan cos they rn't very gud themsleves, just do sum more plzzz


it's really good but kinda just goes on and on and dosent end

haha!! this was really funny

I really liked how you made illwillpress float around the screen like foamy did. Even behind the picture!! i was laughing my ass off this whole movie! 5/5


That was HILARIOUS!!! Your ILLWILLPRESS VOICE was PERFECT (the voice conveyed an entertaining mixture of lonleyness and constipation)! Towards the end you started showing the growing patheticness of ILLWILLPRESS (I think I'll skip this one)...I've got a new favorite!

Also..have you read some of IllWillPress' reviews...He was trying to play the "BBC vs. NG" game on Funktastic by threatening to sue him for using his characters in a parody which is protected by fair use...
...who else would try to attack someone who makes a parody of his movies...it's the parodies that started NG...the ones protected by the Fair Use policy...and if Mathers thinks he can bargein and try to do what the BBC tried to do to NG...then he might is well be another one of NG's enemies!

Loved It!!!1

Foamy toons should be as long as this one. I love satire. Good work. (5)