Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"


That would have been funny, except that it dragged on way too long. I think you have potential, but don't drag it out like that.


This guy is amazing, I love all of his stuff. This FLASH just add's to his awsome series.

this is a good movie

dose your voice really sound like that? your lord and master... wait now i got that stuck in my head, you long time fan, gameorama91

Dear SB,

I like the movie, it true of all the things you said. I will give you a five on this movie from now on. I dont care what these 13 year old foamy lovers say, I like this movie. Hope you replay


-= Sighs =- Give it up?

Funny how you judge him by his taste in humour and his animation. Sure it get's old. Big deal. Still funny, get over it. But even so, I must say. You suck. Woop-D-F***ing-doo, you created a half-ass Cartoon about some you don't really know. Good job, life goal met. Moron.