Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

Leave Foamy alone, man!!!

K, I'll admit I laughed at the 2x4 bit, but after that it was so slow and boring, I couldn't get through it.
Just cos you're jealous of illwillpress don't give you the right to take the piss. Parody, fine, but this is just downright crappy insulting

wow .... that was really boring

I think now that my mind has been rotted from your sorry excuse for flash animation I am going to go watch something semi-entertaining such as the new episode of neurotically yours instead of your impressive collection of 2 whole animations ... keep trying and maybe you will crack a good joke one day...

It's all so true...

This is dead on, Foamy fans just want to like anything that's goth, and IllWillPress makes much money off his stupid fans.



that was so funny. i especially like the excalmation point, exclamation point, one thingy when he was reading it out bcus i know someone who does that and it really pisses me off! the only problem was dat he spoke ttoo ssllooowwllyyy which annoyed me but i didnt really care that much bcus it was so funny! and why the fuck was he wearing dat red thingy. (i dont know wat its clled but i no wat it is) lol. but it did go on after a while. i still like the real ones best :)

Your lord and master.

Leave it to ill Will Press

Graphics were fine, sound fine, but that's really not the point is it? It was so boring, I didn't even finish it, sorry. All I can say is: Leave it to Ill Will Press. Please.