Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"


This cartoon is pure crap. It isn't even close to funny and it sounds like it was recorded from a drive through speakerbox. The neurotically yours series is kick ass and this loser is insulting it. Whatever. I hope Foamy rains his squirrely wrath on this flash trash.

It was Pretty Funny

Im sorry that im not gonna write a big reply (ive been replying my ass of so im kinda tired) Anywayz it was pretty funny. The last joke thing was really good. about the hed up the ass thing. Also it was really long. Take care And Good job

Uhh ...

Not what I had in mind. Part of the humor found in the Neurotically Yours series is the fast pace, intelligent humor of Foamy the Squirrel. illwillpress talks slower than a retard, and his admittably far less intelligence in the jokes he attempts to make only adds to the fact that this was not funny. The only three things that did make me laugh was that taunting painting of Germaine naked in the background, the Foamy on the milk carton (what are you implying?), and the suggestion to the fanmail writer to replay the episodes to have more Foamy. Besides that, this was a complete and utter waste of time.

Neurotically ... I mean ... cynically yours,


Well that was pretty fucking funny. You really hit the hammer right on the fucking nail with illwillpress. It was really funny, but waaaay too long. This could easily be divided into 2 parts:P

yeah! a movie making fun of illwillpress!

you pulled this off great. i didnt mind that it was so long, it was very funny! on ym fave list for sure! i liked how u used his "style", like making him pop up everywhere on the screen and stuff. i also liked how you made fun of how he doesnt care about anything but directing traffic to his site and how he doesnt put any effort into his stuff. he used to be good, too.