Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"


i found this much better than the NY series. i can't even stand to watch a few seconds worth of the NY series simply because it's either foamy going crazy over something stupid in a stupid voice in a stupid overused manner of sarcasm, or it's germaine being really weird.

this flash really emphasises the lack of effort behind the NY series and the lack of thought process behind every episode. well done.

PS: why the person who reviewed before me decided to publically mention that he would be doing something that is a bannable offense on NG is beyond me.

No good.

I'm not usually one to put people down, but when that person is putting someone else down, that's where I make an exception. I think it's pretty pathetic that you'll put down somebody's work to attempt to make yourself look good. I also think that if you'd spent half as much time on that film as illwillpress does on his films, I would have been a little more appreciative.

it's true!

The truth isn't pretty especially when it's to due with illwillpress. You did a brilliant job exposing the truth and making this movie funny at the same time. This is truely underrated. I don't see why people call this 'boring', I found this very entertaining and hilarious.

Why can't people see how good this is?

This was good, it was funny to maybe it did for for a long time, but it was funny. All these guys wanna see Germaine naked. Why? Because they're fucking perverts. It's funny, its true, its gold!! Although maybe it should have stopped after the letter with the 'head up the ass' joke. BUT IT WAS STILL GOOD, AND FUNNY!! If you want to see more Foamy, hit the replay button.


Christ,if it isn't another one of thoughs stupid people having some sort of hateful obsession with Foamy or some crap like that..If you have something against Illwillpress get over it.Don't you have better to do then to bag on someone or some cartoon your jealous of to start with?Really..make your own stuff.