Reviews for "illwillpress fanmail"

DUDE!!!!! funny!

That was so funny, I'm a huge fan of illwill, but that was fuckin hilarious man, any chance you could teach Tool_Of_The_System to be so funny? he could really do with it, I really liked that it was all your own animation, ok sure, it was a copy of the foamy fanmail setup, but it wasn't just a copy & paste job... I like that, I can see that you really put some time and effort into this & while it is an insult to one of my favourite artists, it really is good.
The only thing I wasn't too mad about was that it was REALLY long... but then so are most of the foamy fanmail toons.
Really good work man, keep this up & raise the standard for the illwill bashers... I might not agree with your cause, but I can tell a good artist when I see one.
Good work.


ok...that was somewhat funny

This is the only cartton that I have watched that made me giggel...once, keep trying though...but noone will ever beat Foamy!


Hmm, you lost me about 1 minute into that. The guy's voice was so slow and droning...I just wanted a fast-forward button! A spoof of Foamy really had potential, but you blew it by making paint drying more interesting to watch.

Very long but pretty funny

I don't want to talk too much, but it was actually very humerous in a calm steady speachy way. Thanx whoever made it, love the site and Illwillpress of course, but i won't be your groupie, but funny you are.


i am a fan of the Neurotically Yours series, but i must say that this was really boring, srry, it was not funny at all and the guys voice was kinda stupid