Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

You know what would be neat? A mechanic where you could shoot letters from improper pronouns to turn them into proper pronouns. So, like, for a trans man character, being able to shoot the "wo" out of "woman" to turn it into "man." It would add to the whole idea of having words shot at you. As it stands, they're just kinda basic projectiles.

There is absolutely nothing inherently bigoted in cisgendered people. I know Trans people who are just as bigoted as the worst of the "cis scum" that you rail against.

VOEC responds:

I do not rail against any "cis scum" (I also did not say that anywhere, so please don't false quote me).
And I agree, there is nothing inherently bigoted about cis people, if you would have read the description or some of my comment-responses you would have know that.

I give you 3/5 for gameplay, 4/5 for message, and 4/5 for design.

Specific comments:

-Gameplay isn't bad, but it's not terribly unique. It's just your usual dodge and shoot game, which is a solid base, but you don't go anywhere particularly exciting for it. The animation is nice and smooth, though, and the controls handle well.
-There's not a lot of gameplay and concept integration. The idea of dodging misgendering and picking up proper gender stuff is a good start, but it feels kind of generic.
-I'm sure this was part of the point, but the cisbot's constant flashing is really irritating. It's supposed to be annoying and all, but could we get it a bit more photosensitive friendly?
-I'm a little surprised there's no nonbinary option in the gender request screen. It's mentioned in the achievements, but I would have expected that as an option, followed by gameplay dealing with binarism.
-Music is a bit annoying, but you have a mute option, which far too many games leave out, so bonus points for that.

All in all, I was really excited to see another trans-positive game, but the game itself doesn't really communicate much in the way of complexity, and the gameplay on its own isn't that exciting. I'll bump you up half a star for effort, though.

VOEC responds:

The actually is a nonbinary option, but you have to unlock it by gaining a certain amount of points in story mode.

Although I'm glad that there are more games tackling the issues facing transgendered people, I feel this was a little simplistic in its approach. Perhaps a sequel could touch more on the processes involved in changing gender?

Also, "Ze" isn't necessarily a bad pronoun to use. I have a FtM trans friend who preferred to be referred to as ze during his transitional phase.

All other things aside, the instructions take a frustratingly long time to sit through, there is no way to skip them, and you have to sit through them every time you retry the first level.

I'm going to ignore the topic of debating whether or not you've villainized cissexuals, since you appear to have apologized for that (hopefully, you'll be more careful in labelling enemies in the future).

I will follow your request and not take the rest of the game too seriously. The music wasn't annoying (as compared to so many other games on this site), so that's a plus.