Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

Ha, I always pick boy so this fits :)

Niiiice! When I saw the title and (and a bit of the description) my eyes lit up. The medical referral levels, HRT denial and the hurtling of pronouns really make a statement. Great job.

As a devotee of retro, I had to take a look.
I like the crappy green dot matrix screen, well implemented to look like an old gameboy. The gameplay itself was dull and unfun. I could see some words offending people. I know the robot doesn't care, but you might.
But I did get conglaturated joke!! Ha!

Is it okay if I tell you to call this a scientific analysis? Because "review" doesn't sound right to me.

Although the game was just 3 stages of the same thing, I appreciate the easy medal points, so thanks for that.

Hi! I thought this game was pretty effective! There's a bunch of super nit-picky stuff I could say about it as a game qua game but like, that's so not the point. It successfully communicated the feeling of being misgendered to a degree, and I really appreciate that. Well done! (I think this is the first time I've commented on one of your games so I would just like to quickly say that Personal Trip to the Moon is spectacular. Like, a great.)

I feel like maybe it would have been nice to put a warning for some of the language? Like, I get that the point of the game is to convey a message about a negative thing but, as a trans woman, knowing the game included the t-slur would have saved me a nasty shock. Also perhaps a way of removing the more hurtful stuff so you can just play a misgender simulator? I dunno.

(also, the music is pretty great, yeah.)

But yeah, great game, well done!