Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

I loved the game, shooting my wrong pronouns surprisingly helps a great deal with my dysphoria, I come back to play endless mode whenever I'm feeling down.

Also, anybody know what the story mode code is? That's the only medal I don't have (maybe a hint from the creator would be nice)

Great game, as a transguy (AFAB demiboy) i can say this is accurate

This is so simple yet I'm addicted anyway. I love it. Now I need more games like this.

pronouns matter.

to mother fucking retards.

Great game, I loved it! I find it a little bit repetitive, I feel like there could be more power-ups like traditional bullet games (spreadshot, machine gun, etc) or have the different levels be made with different music/colors.

It looks like you accidentally misspelled proving. Not that big of a deal but I noticed.

Also, as it was already pointed out, kind of wish nonbinary wasn't an award and was instead one of your options.

You did a fantastic job though! I had to make an account just to write my first review for you... :>