Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

Great game, as a transguy (AFAB demiboy) i can say this is accurate

This is so simple yet I'm addicted anyway. I love it. Now I need more games like this.

pronouns matter.

to mother fucking retards.

Great game, I loved it! I find it a little bit repetitive, I feel like there could be more power-ups like traditional bullet games (spreadshot, machine gun, etc) or have the different levels be made with different music/colors.

It looks like you accidentally misspelled proving. Not that big of a deal but I noticed.

Also, as it was already pointed out, kind of wish nonbinary wasn't an award and was instead one of your options.

You did a fantastic job though! I had to make an account just to write my first review for you... :>

I loved the game. As someone who struggles with social dysphoria, it's nice to sit down and blast all of the incorrect pronouns I've had thrown at me all day.

In the line of constructive criticism, I think it would fantastic if there was a way to collect points for fixing the incorrect pronouns (ie being able to collect the "he" that comes from shooting off the s). It would also be dynamite if there was a way to fight back against the pronoun downpour. I'm not sure how you programmed it so I'm not sure how easy those changes would be to make. I also can't seem to figure out how to navigate back to the main menu after the story mode high score page. It would also be great if non-binary was an option rather than an award but then again, there are very few things where non-binary is an option.