Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

Cool game. I like playing it for a while. Good time waster. Kudos for being educational..ish.. lol

Not many things touch on the subject of being trans. The way the enemy was named seems to label cis people negatively. I think that it not going to help the main focus of the game. We should bridge the gap on this issue and not make it an us vs them type deal. Which is why I steer clear of tumblr and its drama.

As for the gameplay it isn't bad but isn't special. I like that the graphics resemble the old gameboy handheld. I played as both genders and I realized that while playing as the trans male I could shoot the fe off the female so it just said male but I still got damage. I was trying to be clever :S

VOEC responds:

I agree with you on the first part. I already wrote a long post about that a few pages earlier.
And sorry for the second thing, didn't have enough time for coding to allow players to do that. :(

I thought that this was definitely an interesting and valuable look into the experiences of people who don't identify with their gender. Not a big fan of shooter games so I didn't actually complete it, but certainly gave me something to think about.

This is the greatest thing. Top props, top. props. I also really loved the 8-bit style and the message obviously. ignore the haters.

why is miss not an acceptable word but mister is

this game is sexist, do you think you are being progressive and acceptive by making this garbage?
you arent, you are the bigot that you claim to hate so much

VOEC responds:

I don't think you understood what the games principle was about.