Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

I loved the game. As someone who struggles with social dysphoria, it's nice to sit down and blast all of the incorrect pronouns I've had thrown at me all day.

In the line of constructive criticism, I think it would fantastic if there was a way to collect points for fixing the incorrect pronouns (ie being able to collect the "he" that comes from shooting off the s). It would also be dynamite if there was a way to fight back against the pronoun downpour. I'm not sure how you programmed it so I'm not sure how easy those changes would be to make. I also can't seem to figure out how to navigate back to the main menu after the story mode high score page. It would also be great if non-binary was an option rather than an award but then again, there are very few things where non-binary is an option.

For those who are REALLY having trouble with getting the nonbinary option, just get over 15000 points in the story mode.

Great game, btw.

This is a really, really great game. It's very satisfying to shoot at incorrect pronouns being hurled at you. I just really wish there was a nonbinary gender option. Other than that, this is an amazing game with catchy music.

VOEC responds:

There actually is, but I think you have to unlock it by gaining a certain score (Looking back I think that was a bad decision and I should have had it selectable from the start). But thank you for your comment :)

This game is AMAZING! I'm a transboy but haven't started testosterone yet. But forreal this game is awesome because it inspired me to stay strong even if some people uses the wrong pronouns. I feel accepted just by playing this game! Thank you loads! :D

VOEC responds:

Thank you :)

i really love this game its very complex as in its overall topic and there arent very many games that focus on any of the topics you have here. So good job keep improving.