Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

So you put out an entire game that basically said, "Cisgender people are stupid, throw rocks at them"?

It's hard NOT to take it seriously, especially since it's another step towards turning "cisgender" into an insult.

VOEC responds:

I agree with you on that.
I did not write the original idea, but if I would have I wouldn't have called the enemy cisbot, since as you said not every cis person is ignorant towards trans people.
But I wanted to stick to the original tumblr post since that was kind of the idea behind the whole thing.
I guess it stems from the writers personal experience with some cis people in her life.
I did not in any way wanted to say that cis people are all hateful and insult transgender people, but I recognize that it can give that impression and I'm very sorry for it.
I knew that this might be a problem. But I also didn't know if I should change it and how to call him other than asshole-bot, and that seems a bit stupid.
But if you have any suggestion how to make it clear, that this is not meant to insult cis people in the context of the game, I would very, very much appreciate your input. Thanks.

Awesome game! Just vulgar enough.

Kinda a boring little game that tries to hard with its message, but I do like the added touch of making the male to female harder than the female to male, just like IRL.

Gameplay becomes boring quickly, and editing words like Elfy suggested would help. The graphics are completely low-tech, which is actually pretty cool, and the story is good, if simple. Also, not a review-effector, but... I'm having trouble with the secret medals.

I give such a big score for the ending screen, reminding me of ghostbusters game for NES ! Thumbs up !