Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

You appear to be invincible if you park in a corner and leave a paperweight on the spacebar.

VOEC responds:

Thank you for letting me know.
Fixed it and updated some things to make the overall game a bit more challenging. Also added a new shoot pattern for more variety.

this game is loads of fun nicely done

Alright, first I love this game. Maybe you could make it so you get extra points for hitting the cisbot? I'm not sure it's just not very enjoyable without seeing and progress. Just like life :/

I thought this was a pretty cool game. The levels seem to be the right length, and so does the game. It's just challenging enough not to get bored with, while still conveying the message. I did run into one major glitch that could totally ruin the message you're trying to convey. While playing as a MtF, when I died and continued (retried, whatever), it restarted me as a FtM. TThus, I ended up shooting down the pronouns I wanted to be called, and collecting the ones I wanted to avoid. If you could give that a look, it could definitely improve the quality of your game.

VOEC responds:

Okay, fixed it, thank you a lot!
I don't know how I missed that.

Pretty cool, add a level selection or something like that, also I'd like the whole screen (or at least most of it) to play instead of a little box. Overall good game, 4.5/5 for small things. P.S. Add a little more variety to the levels