Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

what a load of degenerate bullshit

a male is always a male no matter how much they want to think otherwise and vice versa with females
stop spreading bullshit

VOEC responds:

I second that advise.

Not much of a game imo, seems like a projection of imagined prejudices more than anything.

My top score (and my only one) in endless mode was 12,605. I thought it was really interesting how I was able to be so good at this without really liking the game. It was basically just the same thing over and over. I'm not complaining, I'm damn good at it! I now have all the medals except the secret ones. I doubt I'll go back for them.

I just thought it was interesting how you had such a good title. I'm pretty sure I'm a boy. The computer didn't seem to believe me either way. While not a classic, definitley worth looking into for the easy medals. Yeah, I'm that kind of guy.

Definitely interesting. The gameplay is solid, and the concept is a much needed change from what one usually sees on this site. I was curious about what would happen if you took to long to pick 'boy' or 'girl', but I didn't see anything. Also, the 'game over' screen hurt my heart. I hope you keep creating!