Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

Pretty cool, add a level selection or something like that, also I'd like the whole screen (or at least most of it) to play instead of a little box. Overall good game, 4.5/5 for small things. P.S. Add a little more variety to the levels

...Befuddled me, quite a bit, not so much offended. Even so, surprisingly fun. Could you make a mode where the correct pronouns don't flash, like... A difficult one? Might sound silly, but this was enjoyable, for some reason. Particularly the music, very chippy. Just, er, the strangeness of this is what's keeping this lower for me. Other than that, for a joke game, you put actual effort into it. So, good job, I suppose.

VOEC responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I will think about adding something like this.