Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

Can't imagine how to get the secret medals...

VOEC responds:

I can, but I won't tell you... muhahahah :D
(But here's a hint: One requires you to get a certain amount of points in story mode and for another you have to enter a specific cheat code, also in story mode)

I love the concept, and playing it was kind of cathartic, but it just wasn't really very fun! There isn't really a whole lot of uh... Game to it.

Hm.. 'interestin' would be one way to describe this game.

And aww,it didn't let me cheat. Playing as female, i saw the word 'brother' so shot off the 'brot' leaving me with 'her' and then got promptly beaten for trying to pick it up :D

well I tried :D

VOEC responds:

Sorry for that, coding all that would have been boyond the scope of the project and my abilities. :D
But in my heart you definitly got special extra bonus points for that. :)

Relax. This is just a game making fun of these idiotic Tumblr social justice warriors (SJWs).

Awesome awareness message,
love the super mario reference too.