Reviews for "Social Dysphoria The Game"

Game tries to be too deep.

Disclaimer: I'm going to review this seriously. I know full well that this was not meant to be a seriously-taken game, but that's how I roll.

Ok. Let's break it down.

Gameplay-wise, it was terrible. I'm not going to sugar-coat it with a storyline excuse, the gameplay was dull, colourless and repetitive. You did shake it up with the lasers, but they were easy to avoid. Overall, if this was a serious game and was any longer, I would give up on it after the 2nd level.

On that cheerful note...

Story-wise, it was well suited for the project scale. It was simple, but just so slightly off the point. I think some people will be confused at what the message is, simply considering the cisbot to be a blind twit. However, once the word "lesbian" came up, I'm confident at least a few people will get the message eventually.

So after a short examination of your game, I'd think, considering the tiny scale of the project, you did pretty well. I feel that you could have been a bit less lazy in the gameplay and made something change in the 2nd and 3rd stages, and I know that you're capable of doing so.

Good game, if you don't mind a small, simple game.

Nice little idea. Slightly disappointed you can't 'edit' the pronouns and use them - eg shooting the 'tom' off 'tomboy' and collecting the 'boy' part, or the 'he' from 'she'. That would add an extra layer of skill to it (though it's hard to think of many suitable words you could turn from male to female that way - Herr to her, perhaps)

VOEC responds:

I had that idea, too, but it would have been beyond my programming abilities. Also, as you mentioned, it would have been a bit unbalanced since not many pronouns can be modified from m to f.

lovely game, reccomending it to my mates

I don't agree with the message, but I love how nicely you have delivered it. The method of deliverance has a "Jonathan Blow" feel to it, in a sense that it's not straight forward, but still not too confusing or pointless, it's just right enough to push the player into the process of interpreting this movements. The game-play is not bad either, but it gets really boring after a while, especially once you get that the levels are repeating with nothing changing. An idea that I have is that since you are shooting letters, maybe you can write something with the letters you have shoot down, and by writing the correct word win something...