Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"


maybe add more stuff in this game but its not that bad

TheeCoffee responds:

Its only on its Testing phase. More stuff are planned with better system

Can buy anything for free and sell it back -> unlimited gold.
Got +6 weapon at beginning of the game
Game doesnt get past level 5. I m going downstairs, it stays 5.
There is no positionning. I mean if i make a 360°, i dont face the same place. So any arrow seem to drive you into a random place.

But graphics, concept, sound are nice.

Goblins// 0/5..... I was looking at this for a while as I killed plenty of different green guys, red and purple guys. the 22hp green guys had to be goblins, but they didnt count. I think thats a bug, and it made it impossible to complete that quest. Also I was stuck on dungeon 3, so i quit.. I just coulnt find the door to dungeon 4, and when I did try and go into the door I did find, it did nothing.

Fun game, just fix the bugs

TheeCoffee responds:

You have to walk about 50 times... but ok :)

You've got it set so that you have to reload the entire game and sit through an ad if you die. Please fix this.

TheeCoffee responds:

i will