Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

this game is quite enjoyable but does get a bit repetitive

but looking at the planned features i can see that a lot more is going to be added to this game

good work!

TheeCoffee responds:

I will! :D

Basic, but if you keep working on it this could be a really good game! Continue the work! :D

TheeCoffee responds:

Thanks :D

I Like it a lot.
But it is not counting my Slime kills anymore.

I saw a game like this on stencylarcade months ago.

i like this game: it has cool music, retro graphics, a simple fighting system, a clever dungeon exploration system, not too hard difficulty, and fun to play. good work on this game.

TheeCoffee responds:

Thanks! :D This game took 5 Hours to make (Will be Improved too)