Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

I don't know it was kind of great but not all that new ya know.

TheeCoffee responds:

Eh.... eh... eh... What did you mean here?

This is a pretty alright game, classic dungeon crawling, pretty nice visuals. Though it seems lacking with out music. The game play is fine all almost every aspect. I can't say I'm a fan of the player getting any more hit points for leveling, or the fact that after you kill a monster there is still the chance you lose hit points, I find it unnecessary that you can die, after what was attacking you is already dead. It gave me the sense that it didn't matter what level you were, seeing as killing a slime, or any monster for that matter, in one hit, could still kill your character.

TheeCoffee responds:

Thanks for you Review. I will add so players get more Hitpoints higher levels you become.
This is only in testing Phase :)

A bit glitchy. Sometimes potions don't work. If I'm in a battle, I can keep pushing the arrows and rack up 'times walked' tallies. If I have 500 gold, I can buy something worth that much, but then my 500 gold don't go away.

Would be simple and fun without those errors.

TheeCoffee responds:

Fixed it :)

kinda like it, but I have to agree with AstralBlades - without the money glitch, it is mainly coincidence if you survive or not.

I also found another bug, I guess - you don't need a shopkeeper to sell your items; selling works at any place. This makes the 'throw away'-command pretty useless.

Nevertheless, it's fun. Reminds me on good old Elder Scrolls 1 :> I'd love to play an improved version of it!

TheeCoffee responds:

Hmm .. :/ I will try to fix that

So here I was, grinding away on dungeon level 1, trying to build my character up to level 12. I got all the way to level 10, and then suddenly I died. Like a goblin just dealt a sudden death blow to me somehow. Maybe my life dwindled away slowly and I didn't notice. But whatever happened, that really sucked. There's no way I'm doing all that grinding over again.

There are a lot of flaws in this game. To start with, any game that requires grinding is poorly designed. The button layout is kinda dumb. There's no difference between any of the directions you can move, so they should be combined into one button. Also, attack and pick up are superfluous because they're each only used on specific things with no overlap. So there should just be two buttons. The first button would move you to another random room, and the second button should interact with whatever is in the room. So the second button would pick stuff up, attack an enemy, or go down a ladder. And there need to be more hotkeys. And it should be harder to pass up an item without picking it up. Like maybe you could set it to pick stuff up automatically, or maybe the button to move would become the button to interact when you encounter an item. And you should be able to swap out an equipped item for a new item without needing space in your inventory to unequip the item first. And it doesn't make sense to even have an option to drop an item seeing as you can sell an item anywhere.