Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

Um, for me hard to decide how many stars I should give.
First of all I thought it would be crap. First time played - also thought so. But then I stopped for a moment and starting analysing whole game and I must say WOW. Really interesting game even if not best graphic. It makes your brain to analyse next move while fighting even if you don't see it at first sight! What could be better? Um, I think a little bit quicker lvling, because now it takes too much time to spend at game till the end so from half of game it can make player bored and make them exit from the game - what I guess you want to do :)

TheeCoffee responds:

I... I love your Review! :D
I will make it quicker to level up :)
I Love that you enjoyed it! :D

Should force people to the instruction page, other than that I like it.

TheeCoffee responds:

I will force :) That's a good Idea!

Good Game a bit unfair when you don't find potions maybe if your life could increase or at least know exactly your health point.To know what kind of item you got in inventory just put mouse on it then press Lshift ;)

TheeCoffee responds:

You can hover the Collect button to see the Item you will pick up

Couple of things, for one= Its pretty short on content, not alot of progression or enemy variety :\
2: Pretty buggy later on, even if you ignore the shopkeeper
3: While i love a classic game every now and then there is a limit, and a reason why they arent made very often, sorr yman but this just dosent hold enough content: for me atleast- good game for its concept though ^^
As such my review is based on my thoughts of it as a game, not my opinion. game as normal is a 4, my opinion around a 1, if even
but thats just me :P

I really like pixel art games. Only lacked information on how the game plays. I saw the beginning of the game you have, but then you start playing I forgot what are the commands.

TheeCoffee responds:

I think that was the thing in the old days. You had to remember controls.