Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

I don't know how this got front page.

Sorry it just lacks everything I think should constitute a good game.
Presentation? nonexistent
Gameplay? meet monster, press attack untill you kill it... yeah.
Sound? only for picking up items, and pressing attack.
Graphics? ???

There's something to be said for execution: a great if minimalistic idea can fall flat without the proper balance and coding.

Despite the obvious potion glitch (love that, btw xD), a game is hideously unbalanced if a high level character can get killed on the easiest stage solely due to bad luck, and it's happened to me personally more than once. It also hampers the PC when side quests themselves (i.e. the five slimes one), won't work either.

It's really quite a shame when the game itself is quite fun, but when anyone with half a shred of intelligence can realize that the only feasible way of nailing the Level 12 badge is to grind the first level, and even then you can still get killed by blind luck (or really, lack thereof).

It's such a waste too. All the game needs are a few bug fixes and a BGM track or two, and it would skyrocket the overall acceptability of the experience to at least three stars. =/

Just says game over when I start the game.

TheeCoffee responds:

hmmm For me... It works fine

Hacked my health just to see if winning was possible.

The 4th floor don't exist and level 13 don't exist. The level is capped at 12 and the lowest floor is 3. I think the weird death "glitch" is just the dev screwing up his own game just to make it impossible to win.

Sorry but I don't support devs that use artificial difficulty just to make their games last longer.

TheeCoffee responds:

Wow. Did you know that In dungeon Level 3. When you go down through the hole. You win.
And. I do not like people that Hacks to win. You are one of them. You can win. I won the game few times before releasing the new versions. Well. You have to check my friend.
When you change Variables. It will screw up the game and make you instantly lose

Why is a simple game so glitchy?

TheeCoffee responds:

It has more Complex scripts than you ever imagine :)