Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

You've got it set so that you have to reload the entire game and sit through an ad if you die. Please fix this.

TheeCoffee responds:

i will

+No annoying music

-Seems unfinished
-Weapons that you longer cannot be sold
-Not much of a thrill fighting a single monster every 10 or so shopkeepers

TheeCoffee responds:

It is unfinished, Look at the version.
I will add so you can sell them.

cool idea, and i like all these games with new control schemes, but im not sure this is working properly at all. i was unable to do anything at most rooms, and only was able to attack 1 monster despite encountering several and being forced to simply walk past. i'm not sure what i have accomplished so far or how to get to "level 4" because i pretty much cant do anything but walk forwards and hope that the next room is functioning properly.

as well as this, the menus were incredibly unclear, and i had no idea what i was doing most of the time/ there appears to be no hostile enemies which pose any sort of threat to the player.
this cookie needs some more time in the oven.

TheeCoffee responds:

Fixed it :)

I like the idea of the game, but the game was confusing. You couldn't go back, there were people who I didn't know what to do. I think if it had a story, the screen was bigger, and it explained more, then it would be better.

Grinded to level 12 on the first dungeon floor.
Health doesn't go up, so I'm left with 10 health as it is at the start.

There was no point in getting to level 12 as strength remained at 7. Yay a medal.

I'm not sure where you find the 4th weapon, but if it cannot be found on floor 1 I'm not sure this game can be won as it's. I read in a review that it looks like the basic sword.

I'd remove the basic sword from the shop as there's no reason to buy that (you start with it), then if the best sword appears I'll know what it's without having to shift-check every sword I see with that same icon.

I played this a few times, floor 2 doesn't seem possible.

The Slime and Goblin missions don't work. I tried it in both Chrome and Firefox.
Flash version 11.8.800.97 for Chrome.

This would get 1-1.5 stars more from me without these issues.