Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

Uh... OK, but really confusing at first. ;I

TheeCoffee responds:

Yeah :/ I will make this game more understandable

I played the previous version and the game was good, a little bit too hard but well, I couldn't stop playing for 30 min trying to finish it.
Now that there is gold and new weapons, it seems a little bit easier, but with some serious issues :
- when there is a mission to kill a certain species, the counter won't go up, and you're stuck having t do it even if you know it's impossible...
-the shopkeeper gives away health potions, he claims no gold for it, making the game a lot easier considering how often you meet him.
-I tried to go down to level 4, but got stuck at level 3...
Apart from that good game ! And if monsters with 20 HP could give a little bit more experience than monsters with 5HP, it would be even better !

This game has potential for sure! The bugs I'm noticing are that the game doesn't register when you kill a goblin and that you don't lose any gold when you purchase items at the store. Keep at it :)

TheeCoffee responds:

Fixed it :)

I don't know what it looks like to the developer, but I don't think any of the bugs have actually been fixed.

The monsters all show up as "Monster HP:X." Could that be related to the kill quest bug? If the monsters don't have names, they might not get counted for the quest.

The trader doesn't change his stock during playthroughs, so every one you meet is the same. Encounter rate is too high, imo. None of the items show prices, so that's annoying. You did fix the infinite buys bug, but that was the only enjoyable bug.

Overall, the game is kind of automatic. There's no point in turns, you have no choice but to attack monsters (or use items, I guess), there's no reason not to pick up treasure, and if the trader doesn't have what you need you just go right past him. I still like playing the game, but I'd like it more if there was a bit more player interaction.

TheeCoffee responds:

hm... I'll see through the code about the glitches

This game has potential, but you should keep working on the bugs first. I like that you finally added a money system, shops, and a number display for the health bar, but now the quests to kill goblins and slimes don't work anymore. The walking and collecting items quests still work, but not the other two. When one comes up, they remain at zero, no matter how many goblins or slimes I kill. This makes the game absurdly difficult. Please fix that as soon as you can.