Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

Hacked my health just to see if winning was possible.

The 4th floor don't exist and level 13 don't exist. The level is capped at 12 and the lowest floor is 3. I think the weird death "glitch" is just the dev screwing up his own game just to make it impossible to win.

Sorry but I don't support devs that use artificial difficulty just to make their games last longer.

TheeCoffee responds:

Wow. Did you know that In dungeon Level 3. When you go down through the hole. You win.
And. I do not like people that Hacks to win. You are one of them. You can win. I won the game few times before releasing the new versions. Well. You have to check my friend.
When you change Variables. It will screw up the game and make you instantly lose

this game is quite enjoyable but does get a bit repetitive

but looking at the planned features i can see that a lot more is going to be added to this game

good work!

TheeCoffee responds:

I will! :D

Great game.But i ran into a bug.On dungeon 3 sometimes when i kill a monster it says i died even though i`ve still got health.

TheeCoffee responds:

Hmmm.. I think did something wrong xD will change the code a bit :)

All right game, though it's hopefully just a template for a more complicated one. Right now it's not very exciting.

Some obvious bugs: when you reach level 3, you appear to gain a bonus to damage, but it doesn't come into play.

Dagger does 2 damage, and sword does 1. That's...weird?

Killing a monster via monster killer (which is a silly item, by the way) gives you no experience, but damaging a monster with it then doing the killing blow does.

You really should have different icons for health potions and monster killers. It shouldn't be difficult to distinguish them for the player.

Picking up weapons is mostly pointless. There are only two, and finding the starter one is just a waste of time, and finding a better one means the older one suddenly becomes useless, unless you intend to allow selling later.

If the maps aren't randomized and changing, I suspect there is a bug in the movement controls, because features are not always where they appeared to have once been. For example, once I find the ladder down, the ladder down can be found in multiple directions, and is difficult to walk away from. There aren't really any features that distinguish location, like walls, so it's mostly just random wandering. I don't get a sense that there is any difference between going forward and turning, except that you can sometimes find items you dropped, but not always.

If monsters do standard amounts of damage, something is wrong with the life bar. The last blow that kills you seems to happen when you have more life left than is usually taken off by one blow. Along a similar line, you really need to distinguish more that someone is actually dead. One feels a bit silly pushing buttons for a while before noticing the message.

TheeCoffee responds:

1. I just made so the dagger does more Damage than the sword (Because I like it when it's unlogical)
2. Monster Killer is not meant to give you XP. (Because it should've been too easy).
3. I will maybe... I'm sketching how the Potion will look.
4. There is no Shop and You will get better weapon as soon as you get higher than Level 2.
5. It is meant to be so..
6. ?

You should do somethnig for hero's levels, as health/strengh/luck/defense to choose.
Level up = full health , so it is not really interesting.

Big ennemies (20+ hp) do as many damages as slimes in the 1st dungeon, you could make it more attractive with stats for each ennnemy and the hero.

Not bad!

TheeCoffee responds:

Nice :) I will use your Idea to the next update!