Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

like in old good times....

Player died, I pressed X button, then pressed X button again to start game, but player still dead:(

TheeCoffee responds:

There is a newer Version :)

Takes me back to my old Nintendo ... Keep the game going, I really enjoyed it.

TheeCoffee responds:

Thanks man :) I will keep my work up!

Couple of things, for one= Its pretty short on content, not alot of progression or enemy variety :\
2: Pretty buggy later on, even if you ignore the shopkeeper
3: While i love a classic game every now and then there is a limit, and a reason why they arent made very often, sorr yman but this just dosent hold enough content: for me atleast- good game for its concept though ^^
As such my review is based on my thoughts of it as a game, not my opinion. game as normal is a 4, my opinion around a 1, if even
but thats just me :P

I really like pixel art games. Only lacked information on how the game plays. I saw the beginning of the game you have, but then you start playing I forgot what are the commands.

TheeCoffee responds:

I think that was the thing in the old days. You had to remember controls.

Could definitely use more tweaking, found more than a few bugs. I enjoyed it, but it's very unfair if you aren't lucky from the start and find a better weapon, so maybe less randomness from the start.