Reviews for "Megapope"

oh shit dawg. thats pretty fucking sick ´n shit. mah brain feels lika poop-on-a-stick.
nice work keep shit goin´

OK, I'm gonna go ahead and say that was pretty fucking awesome.
"That was pretty fucking awesome."

i loved this, it was so original and funny, the fight scene was awesome and the animation was great.
also, im atheist and im not giving this a low score just because of that.
this is so crazy!i love the megapope design.


Cyborg Jesus PWNS!!!
Owned Judas.
This is amazing. Not the best animation I've ever seen, but I really don't care. It. Is. Brilliant. If you make a sequel, that would be...............GODLY.
He he he.
See what I did there?

I enjoyed every second of this little movie. Great animating skills, storyline was flawless. I really liked watching this. I have watched it at least 5 times now. Everyone whether religious or not should find this humorous. If you don't enjoy the flash just for the flash, say so. No need to put "I'm an atheist btw" same goes for being a christian. I believe in the christian faith and I was not offended by this what so ever. I found it quite funny how the slight joke on both sides play. This man deserves good ratings based on quality. Not your moral views on life. I am not saying that they don't matter, just keep them to yourself when doing a review.