Reviews for "Megapope"

i have to say the character dont look to good but the animation was pretty solid

That guy brings neckbeards to a whole new level.

This was hilarious, because it was original, yet true to some hidden "facts" of today's blind religions. So to the retard atheists that are just scoring it low because it is based on a religious aspect, it is funny, it is good, and it doesn't deserve a low score just because you are an atheist.

It lasted a little too long, and the humor wasn't very funny to me.

I'm an Atheist btw

Loved every second of this. I'm kind of surprised you didn't get better ratings, but I guess that is the fate of an animation taking a risk by not taking this religious nonsense so seriously.

This animation has a great storyline and a lot of absurd humour. This is exactly why I love NG -
because somewhere in between all the mediocre and outright bad stuff you find pearls like this.