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Reviews for "Megapope"

Enjoy the animation and it satire natural of catholic church. But comment relgious is fake bother me sense spirituality in general something search people, and not just talking about Christianity but many to major atheist religious Hindu and Buddhism.

Now if your going Christianity you could really creative is Irony that Paul writing could really just made up the major teach of the faith, or how council of Nicaea can tell who heretic and who not.

LordSpew responds:

I have nothing against Religion. But I generally dislike organized religion that turned faith into a company for profit. People can follow any God they want and I think that is beautiful. I also think that taking any cartoon too seriously is very foolish.

This is too funny. I love it because it shows how farcical religion is to begin with - there's a reason the church is so concerned with maintaining its face. Apparently, you can get away with child rape but not lies, talk about priorities.

I also love how you portray the College of Cardinals, as it perfectly shows how the church exists as a pawn for the benefit of its leaders.

That, and this is just genuinely funny. Keep up the good work - you'll offend some people with animations like this, but they make a point that needs to be made.

I think it is very funny. People will believe anything they are told just to feel safe. This kinda makes fun of that. Made me laugh. As for Neophyte-Ronin's review, if a cartoon online gets you so upset maybe you should rethink your priorities.

LordSpew responds:

That review made me laugh hahahaha. My goodness. So serious.

Wait...what did I just watch?

Somehow it doesn't surprise me this was part of a senior thesis at a university. It just doesn't. It really doesn't. Okay. So let's get one thing straight: there should be a disclaimer saying this is a work of fiction. Similarities to persons living or dead are coincidental or unintentional. That way, Lord Spew (Sean Glaze) doesn't get sued out his ass or blacklisted for perpetuating secular left extremism. Seriously!

Let's get this straight: this is a severely bigoted parody of Catholicism, namely a what-if sci-fi tale where the brain of Jesus gets cloned from parts of his brain found in an archaeological dig (a far-fetched proposition by religious and scientific standards; how is anyone certain they found Jesus's DNA in the first place, let alone an intact brain after over two thousand years?). It is inserted into the skull of a deceased pope reconstituted into a cybernetic hodgepodge whose behavior should offend the daylights out of anybody in active recovery from severe or persistent mental illness. To then hire a speech writer who's an atheist with an agenda to despoil what he considers a greater sham, only to have it backfire after an explicitly useless confrontation with a paladin with an agenda all his own... yeah, you get the picture: this is absolute bullshit.

This reminds me so much of Dan Brown if Dan Brown wanted to write and draw comic books. This stuff misquotes and misrepresents the faith in such a heinous fashion but dresses itself up in comic flair--a parody, so as to be considered fair use--that it just falls in on itself. Not that the jokes cannot be gotten--they're just unfunny. Paired with the fact that this is the same man behind Fisthead, a superhero parody that is actually worth our time for its sheer gratuity, and you leave the cartoon feeling let down and even wincing. This is just another one of those cartoons that decides to be extreme by misrepresenting everything to the extent that it's bigotry, pure and simple. There is a good chance that this garbage will persevere at Newgrounds because it's fictional, but in all seriousness, it's a hateful diatribe that could only come from a university campus, where this sort of double standard tends to breed.

As for the technical garbage, yeah, it's a fluid animation. The caricatures are expressive, classic stereotypes of clergy who do not practice what they preach (including one guy who spews on himself after mowing down chicken leg after chicken leg), and the absurdity and irreverence is constant. Yet, it doesn't have what Fisthead has in spades: love. This was a cartoon engineered out of hatred of the subject matter, while Fisthead has its insanity within a more respectable context and was over-the-top with a supreme appreciation of what they were picking on. Not here. This is where attitude towards source material affects the outcome of a piece in a negative light. Can you say with any confidence that this sort of insufferable garbage could be performed if it where aimed at Jews, Buddhists, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestants, Shintoists, Evangelicals, Islam, Hindu, Coptic, Unitarians, or any other faith or denomination thereof? No. No faith has a bigger bulls-eye than Catholicism does. To tell the truth, this is a barb against all religions as well because it oversimplifies the whole issue over faith and dismisses everything as passe superstition.

Lord Spew is a talented, skilled cartoonist and animator who should focus all his future attentions upon Fisthead and do us all a favor by dodging and not provoking controversy, because "Megapope" is proof positive that, if he picked any other subject, his approach would be utterly and clinically fatal to his standing. We would get a cheap laugh all right, but that's all we would remember him for: a cheap laugh. Like those Comedy Central comics who whip out the Catholic card when they're dying out there in the audience. And seriously, that has got to stop. Even Lord Spew is above "Megapope". So why was it ever made?

Because it was a final at a university. That's why.

LordSpew responds:

hHAHAHAH First of all if you need a disclaimer to tell you that this is fiction your a fucking nutcase ahhaha. You are trying to make scientific sense out of a cartoon you fucking nutbag. This is a "what if" scenario not a true story. Also, a university has nothing to do with my subject matter. I did fisthead at a university too you fucking simpleton. Even if it provides a negative light on Catholicism (a hypothetical one) at the end Ned realizes Megapope is a good guy even if he is crazy. So Jesus, in this make believe cartoon is still a good guy worth respecting in some capacity. MEGAPOPE IS THE GOOD GUY YOU IDIOT. The three cardinals could have just as well been the heads of any large company that is trying to keep face. I don't have a problem with religion. In fact, all the arguments against religion in this are so ridiculous that they wouldn't be taken seriously. You are a very impressionable (whatever age you are person). And the fact that you gave this 8 minute cartoon with "fluid" animation and developed story a zero compared to some of the garbage that is on here is a true example of how bigotted YOU are. A real christian would turn the other cheek and give me a five. you stinky piece of high-horse garbage.

You responded to this video with a whole page worth of paragraph and "fluff" to make you sound intelligent. Instead of doing that, how about having an intelligent argument.. It had that much impact on you that you will remember this video even if it is a "cheap laugh." And that is cool by my me. The only thing you have done is make people more interested in this piece because you made such a big deal out of it.

Maybe I should put a disclaimer at the front of fisthead so the police don't try to arrest him! He is killing all these people and cartoons are real!