Reviews for "Megapope"

Good fighting and overall animatuion.
Messy facial expressions and also bad quality of voice acting. Or is it just the improper sound recording?
Don't care much for the story.

i liked the battle the most but im betting you made the room with Google sketch up because of how it looks but it was all in all, alright

My first impression is that I feel like this is Metalocaplypse meets Jesus. Anyways, while I'm not a fan of this type of animation, I still think that it is still fairly well done. Jesus' voice was pretty much perfect for conveying his utter insanity.

I like how people find it to be offensive and don't even embrace the teachings of the religion that they so earnestly follow. It's okay to tell an atheist or a homosexual that they are going to hell, but you can't make fun of Jesus even though we know almost nothing about him. Hopefully some people will toil that though in their mind.

People need to remember that this isn't about the point of the movie that matters, but the content that makes it up (ability to animate, voice acting, and other audio). Do people honestly think that they are going to search around Newgrounds, of all places, and not find something that offends them? If you are then just leave right now. Newgrounds is a place where dick jokes, racism, and anti-religious satire are supposed to be tolerated. If you have a problem with it then just ignore it. It's really not that hard to do.

I don't to much care for your blasphemy but I have a since of humor so its a good animation nonetheless. fight scene was fantastic

Really funny, Megapope's voice was hilarious