Reviews for "Megapope"

very clever and very well animated, kudos! my only problem was that the voices were a little quiet and muffled from time to time, other than that, a job well done sir

I hope you realize the gravity of the situation at hand. You see, that was really funny, it was compelling, it was tasteful and intelligent. Now you are obligated to make more stuff, and I hope you realize that.

I especially loved the fight scene and see more action/comedy in your future flashes. I hope I'm right.

This is damn well priceless. A unique piece of work that this website needs more of.

So good.

A hell of alot funnier than that Fist Head VS Pinata movie, 5 stars. Must admit, the ridiculous story, the plot twists, absolutely perfect!

Since I watched "fist head vs piñata" I knew you guys are pure awesomness, and this animation only proofs that I'm still rignt... Altough I'm catholic an this maybe slightly offensive, this is still an amazing animation with an interesting story worthy of continuation... I WANT MORE!!

LordSpew responds:

Thanks dude! I appreciate it! And there may be more if the reception of this is good.