Reviews for "Megapope"

I hate this new loading idea, it takes so much longer than it should. It's like youtube, with the "buffering," It loads for two minutes, then plays for two seconds. No, don't assume it, my computer is NOT slow, I get 100mb per second.

LordSpew responds:

Eh. There just wasnt any way to get this on here as a swf and maintain the quality because its so long. It loads just fine for me and most people I know every time so I dunno what the problem is. Take it up with Newgrounds not my animation, because according to the score you gave/comment you rated my film badly because your computer cant load it? Don't rate it if you cant watch it.


Shut your pompous self righteous cock-trap.
Christianity has beat down on everything that wasn't Jesus related for the last 3 Thousand years.
And when someone takes a little jab at it you get derp-derp and butthurt?
Excuse me, but kindly eat a dick.
Your little religion set humanity back about 2000 years in Science, Medicine and Technology ...remember the dark ages?
It's a freaking MIRACLE the rest of humanity (at least those of us with more than 2 braincells) don't charge the f***ing vatican and start demanding reparations.


I Thought it was funny.. very Johnen Vasquez-esque XD
Keep it up man, i'd roll with this idea.

LordSpew responds:

hahaha. everyone has their opinions. No need to get so vulgar at Stang hahaha. This video isn't meant to turn my page into a christian athiest battleground. ahhaha

An accurate portrayal of all religions.

What did I just watch?
Actually that was pretty entertaining. Liked the soundtrack and animation style. Don't care if you made that with Google Sketch or whatever. As long as it's good, it doesn't matter. Also I think the voice acting was pretty well done.

Please tell me you are making anohter. This was really, really good.
Animation could've been better though :(