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Reviews for "Verge"

Excellent game.

"I love it! When I first played it I got really scared because I was freaking each time I was dying... Till I read the instructions and find out that you must die to end the levels... The music in the dead world is freaky! I love it :)

I loved the mystery and the fact that you don't understand a thing from what's happening... People say that it's boring because you don't understand, well, wake up people, it said at the START that the character FORGOT!!!

Though I got a little problem. I couldn't reach the last floor, till I find out the fairy in the first level, the only one I haven't reached. So, I restarted all the level and got all the fairies and at the end, when I was climbing the fairies... The last fairy was too far. Though I did get the fairy on the last level. Is there any explanation?

Apart the glitch, I loved it. Great theme. I love puzzle games, and I can assure you, this was one of the best ones I've ever played! :)"

Just kidding. This game is a pain.

kurismakku responds:

If last fairy was too far then you probably missed fairy in level before that one...


really hard