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Reviews for "Verge"


For a very retro-style game this seems to have a lot of graphical detail. One i noticed was the use of film grain, the closer you got to the hell-type dimension the more film grain there was. This kinda reminds me of Depict1, with the whole retro style character in a creepy dimension, trapped and no escape. Anyway to cut to the point this is an imaginative piece of art and shows that gaming is an art and not just some corprate enterprise.

10/10 i tried

i get all medals but LOKI, i tried to make the hardest/heightest jump from the sxxn,so i can search the entire map....nothing, i cant find the LOKI ending!

kurismakku responds:

You don't need to find anything to get that ending... Read the description, that's a hint...^^

Hint: Moonwalk

1st: Nice, sweet and really a good game. Worth each minute!
2nd: How to moonwalk? Example: Hold A and then press -> or otherwise. Looks sweet :)

Awesome job

Really liked game, took up a good amount of my time trying to get every fairy and get these achievements. Still haven't figured out Perpetiel's Wings but probably a speed run. Probably should have been an achievement for not killing anything though. I actually got the ending you need all the fairies for before I got all of them, so don't know if that was a glitch or not, but it's an amazing game, really impressed with it. Actually had to think about some stuff. I'll definitively be looking for more of your work. Great job

i love it but

ive only gotten one ending :| no clue how to get any other (i keep getting the return to me ending no matter what)