Reviews for "Verge"

What a concept.

I almost quit because the landing noise was so annoying. Then I died. COOOOOOOOOL.


The concept of this game is quite unique, and not too difficult to figure out what to do. When I fell on a spike, it was a refreshing change to see what came afterwards. However, I wasn't too fond of trying to get all the medals to figure out the story. Why the enemies were there and what they signified. The controls functioned smoothly and the graphics were alright. Overall, I'll give this game an 8 out of 10.
There's always room for improvement!

Pretty Cool

Platform game, why you no have level select buttun! No seriously, that was a little frustrating to keep going back until I found all the fairies, but I suppose you meant it to take a long time to find them all. It wasn't really hard, but some of the puzzles were clever, it's overall enjoyable.

Also, I just wanted to say the music set the theme really well, but games of "mystical vague abstraction" get on my nerves a little bit. I also didn't think the landing or jump noises were irritating.

I also noticed something minor, I don't know if you could call it a bug or just "that's how platform games are." Pretty much if you jump at the tip of the block shaped like an arrow in the end it nudges you around until you fall out of the block two blocks away (I assume to prevent the character getting stuck inside the block).

One other thing was I was able to "jump midair" in some spots. Mostly the spots appeared in the inverted world on the earlier levels, but in the end there were a couple going up to the top as well. I wasn't able to reproduce these very well, the spots aren't visible, but it happened a lot, so I just wanted to let you know.

kurismakku responds:

Yay... It's really interesting to hear for this kinda bugs... I mean, I played game 1000 times at least, and it never happened...xD

It's a great concept. Original. I had fun for a few minutes but I got too confused so I had to stop playing. I don't like the music that much, since it doesn't motivate me to play more and if I just heard the music of this game, it doesn't lure the player, unlike certain games like Super Mario Bros. or Final Fantasy. But it did fit the game's concept. The music got extremely disturbing. It's just creepy. But since it helps the gameplay experience level up, I won't have to give you a minus for it. :) Graphics are really good. Great game. :)


that is the only real issue for this game. but interesting overall.