Reviews for "Verge"

Great concept, slightly flawed implementation

First, I absolutely love the concept of this game. I really wish I could play more, but on the downside, the controls are extremely laggy and, for me at least, make the game unplayable. If you can get the controls to be more responsive, I would love to play through what appears to be a fantastic game.


While the pixel artist here has skills I don't like how so many people are obsessed with imitating the Cave Story style. I don't mean to sound unfair, but when I see this style I feel like I'm playing a Cave Story fangame. Idea here I guess is decent, but somewhere in the line of cliche seeing how there's plenty of "dark/flipped/mirror world"- kinda ideas as of late, for one it's not a very spectacular experience.

As for performance maybe the most pointed out fact, it's awful for few of us, hence we should assume there's something wrong. That noise effect might be the cause of this. Not only it's a flash killer, it's also a very easy and overused way to express distortion, darkness and such, which I believe you went for. Also as a vivid pixel art fan and hobbyist I find it a very cheap and dirty solution.

Music is well composed, but needs variety. It gets repeative and boring already after hearing it three times. Tell you what though, the atmospheric change when you go to underworld is a jackpot.

Ok I got to the angel

And then just white and that's it. I don't get it. No medals unlocked either. Just that. The end. Fair gameplay, but that upside-down stuff made the jumping puzzles more difficult than they needed to be. Also sometimes I'd jump on a critter and i'd be the one to take damage or both of us would take damage. I'm assuming that's a bug but I don't know.


It was a good idea, but fell short due to game play issues.


for me its just too easy and too boring. thers nothing special in this game.