Reviews for "Verge"

Good, but need some improvements.

1- If you need to collect items in certain levels in the game, add a level selection screen.
2- One level, I think the 8th one, needs far too precise jumping, and returning again and again and again to the same spot, only to try a precise jump, is very tedious.
3- Plot seems kinda blank. Couldn't finish 100% with all "lines", but still is very confusing nevertheless.

Death looks worse than life in this game.

Immediately noticed the Cave Story like art. It's not bad, but aside from the last two stages, none of them really stood out.

The gameplay was fun. I got everything but the Loki medal.

What I don't like is having something so vague to the imagination and calling it art and good. I played as a shadow who more or less ignored fireball-spitting monsters and chased after an angel for curiosity.

I particularly disliked the soulstealers more than the living monsters.

And I collected fairies to be caged later on as platforms...?

It seemed more like random elements put together than an actual plot building up.


I see, you have to die to stay alive. Nice.

If you hold left and W...

...he does the moonwalk.

(this also works for right and S)

Let it be known that i got to the platform with an arrow before giving up