Reviews for "Verge"

Kyle Pulver?

I quite like the game, even if i don´t think that i understand it. Howev,er isn´t this game made by Kyle Pulver? At least I think i downloaded it some months ago from his website...

kurismakku responds:

Yeah, he is in authors list as well.. This is a Flash version ..


I am not sure if it just lagged for me or if the controls were just really bad. The art is nice though, but reminded me a lot of Cave Story.

One thing that annoyed me was the sound of landing on the ground. I thought it's way too much there. I'm also not sure about the concept of dying and then having to find your way back, although it's used in a way here that it's not just a respawn mechanic, this concept always seems super nice on paper, but in reality, for me, it gets extremely annoying fast.

kurismakku responds:

Landing sound is fixed now.. As soon as admins approve, it will be live !


that is the only real issue for this game. but interesting overall.

eh...tis okay

weird game.....interesting...but not ma style........but i liked the idea....the life and death thing...and the hole u gatta die to win stuff....not bad

the game's concept is very unique but i think it still lacks "the thrilling experience" kinda thing.
plus the dead character controls are a little inconvenient, for me the jump should be S.