Reviews for "Verge"

not bad

it had me playing for about 15 minutes. didnt manage to get any medals but the game was great. loved the artistic style and gameplay. however the puzzles were so easy and hard that i got bored

eh...tis okay

weird game.....interesting...but not ma style........but i liked the idea....the life and death thing...and the hole u gatta die to win stuff....not bad

One more bug

I can't jump on the last level and i don't know why

it happens when i enter on the hell

kurismakku responds:

Oooops, sorry !!! Thanks for mentioning this !!!

Use SPACE / Z for now in those 2 last levels ... I will fix this in next update.. ( it's already fixed, but I need to wait that admins approve the change )

needs tweking

it was good but you go to fast and brake to slow and sometimes in the death world you dont jump when you push the butten apart from these flaws its a good game however the story through achivments gimick is just plain studid and you almost always move fowad the blocking of 1 reserection point so you went to the one above it was good

the game's concept is very unique but i think it still lacks "the thrilling experience" kinda thing.
plus the dead character controls are a little inconvenient, for me the jump should be S.